Choosing the best aged care

Considering Moving Into Aged Care

The decision to move into aged care does not need to be a stressful and uncertain time. Just like moving house, the more research you can carry out beforehand, the easier the transition will be. At CPSM Care we are here to help you, and your loved one, find the most suitable aged care facility possible. That’s why we have taken the time to put together the following valuable points, to help you choose the home that’s exactly right for you.



Some aged care facilities ask that you have certain information to hand, including ACAT assessment results, and assets or income assessments, before arranging an appointment to view the residence.

Once you have met with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), you can start looking for and applying to aged care residences.


Make a List

Before you visit any prospective facilities, make a list of what is important to you in a home, and what type of care you will need. Choose the area in which you would like to live, and know the amenities that the area provides.

Remember that choosing the right type of home can ultimately result in a better quality of life, particularly if your loved one is finding everyday tasks unmanageable.


Explore Your Options

Be certain to research all of the available aged care providers in the area, and what they can offer. Search online for aged care homes, and view their websites for details. Compare your list of important points in an aged care home, to the options that the provider can give. For example, do they have a leisure and lifestyle program, an on site GP, physiotherapist, or even a hairdresser? Are family and friends welcome at any time? Be certain that the aged care residence has a proven and established reputation.


Arrange a Visit

Make an appointment to visit your short-listed facilities, and meet the principal staff members. Visits to CPSM Care facilities are obligation free, and we welcome you to contact us at any time to arrange a tour. You should expect to be shown the standard of bedroom you will be moving into, the lounges, dining rooms, meeting areas, gardens and other features of the home.

Ask as many questions as you wish. Take this time to meet with the residence manager, head of clinical care, ancillary staff, and current residents. Trust your intuition; it is important that you are made to feel welcome.

Some of the questions you might ask are;

  • What level of care is provided? What training do the care staff have?
  • Does the home offer extra services, such as physiotherapy?
  • Are all the rooms single with an ensuite, can I share my room if preferred?
  • What provisions are there for in-room televisions or telephones? What furniture is provided?
  • Does the home offer social and recreational activities, and how are the activities chosen?
  • When are family and friends able to visit?
  • How are the meals prepared, and are specific diets catered for?
  • Am I able to meet regularly with management to provide feedback, and to ensure all of our needs are being met?

View our “Commonly Asked Questions” page, and read some of the questions asked about moving into a CPSM Care residence


Decide Upon The Best Aged Care Home For You

Review all of the information you have gathered from each facility, making sure your needs will be met. Entering aged care is often a daunting and overwhelming prospect for both residents and their families, but with CPSM Care you need not be apprehensive. We will help you to understand your situation completely, and you can have the utmost confidence that the services we provide will do more than just meet your needs.

We Are Here To Help!

Whether you need Aged Care assistance now, or are simply planning ahead.